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 A collective of men committed to guiding one another on adventures of outer and inner terrain.

Now I've been happy lately
thinkin' about the good things to come...
and I believe it could be
something good has begun!
-Cat Stevens


Powerful experiences for the mind, body, and soul.

We are a cohort of successful men committed to individual and collective expansion in all the dimensions of life.

We are strong adventure athletes who highly value community, adventure, and good vibes.

We have a deep appreciation for the profound positive impact which adventures of mind, body, and soul can have on our individual and collective journeys.

Member Benefits

PeaceTrain Guides members enjoy

An exclusive community of like-minded, like-bodied, and like-spirited men

committed to supporting one another on the journey of life.

Digital ‘Clubhouse’
  • This is a place where we hang out and enjoy daily interaction, free from the clutter and distractions of other social platforms.

  • It is here where we enjoy day-to-day camaraderie, banter, sharing of ideas, networking, access to exclusive group discounts, and crowd-sourcing of ideas for in-person gatherings.

  • A calendar board where members can access community goings-on.

  • A place to find participants for impromptu adventures and / or in-person gatherings. 

  • Digital ‘Clubhouse’ and all the conversations and resources on that platform.

  • Three crowd-sourced Socials each month, and one day to reflect and integrate privately or in a small group:

  • 1st Wednesday:  Digital (Zoom call in the digital Clubhouse)

  • 2nd Wednesday: Urban 

  • 3rd Wednesday:  Wilderness 

  • 4th Wednesday:  Integration

    • PTG Members make collective decisions about where, what and when for the Urban and Wilderness Socials. PTG does not organize, host, or facilitate these events.

Guide Notes
  • On the first of each month, a PTG member shares a ‘tool’ which they have found particularly useful – whether for inner or outer terrains. Throughout the month, we discuss this topic, as inclined, during socials. The intention is to stack what we learn from each other throughout our years together, so we are more equipped to expand on our individual and collective journeys into ever-better family men, friends, athletes, businessmen, adventurers, community members. 

  • We recognize and are grateful for our blessings, and we are committed to helping others who are facing challenges.

  • We are grateful for the abundant opportunity for personal expansion which pristine wilderness offers the human soul. 

  • Charitable giving of both time and resources to those with unmet needs and to preserve natural resources are high values of our community.


Videos about PeaceTrain Guides

Evolution of PTG
PTG Legacy
Alpine Loop

This is a video recap of the Wednesdayz outing in 2022 when we realized we were onto something special - the 'magic'.

PTG Legacy
Flow Hunting: Bikes | Beer | Blues

This is a video of a MTB outing to the southeast. We were searching for the best flow trails - and learning how to incorporate lessons learned about flow into our lives.

Our logo is thoughtfully designed to represent the passion and purpose behind our mission.

The logo amalgamates the dimensions of well-being* into a kaleidoscope of symbolic colors overlayed with a peace sign.

This symbol reminds us that we can find peace no matter the circumstances.

                       *National Wellness - National Wellness Institute

WellthKaleidoscope.Final copy.png

Leadership Team

Operations Team

Patrick Johnson
Todd Sechel
Guide Concierge
Brad_Goulding 008 copy.jpg
Brad Goulding
Community Facilitator
Chair of Tailgate Council
Avisory Board

Tailgate Council | Advisory Board

These men volunteer their valuable time to help
inform and curate the PTG Member experience.
Bobby Mikulas
Brian_Lee 4581.jpg
Brian Lee
Doug_Sparks 003 copy.jpg
Doug Sparks
Brad Goulding
Jeff_Gardner 006 copy.jpg
Jeff Gardner
Jimmy_McGrath 4592.jpg
Jimmy McGrath
Rusty_Spinney 4590.jpg
Rusty Spinney
Kevin Miller
GOPR9082 Raw (1).jpeg

Our Charitable Partners

PeaceTrain Guides gives meaningfully to these organizations.

We are pleased you are interested!

Membership is exclusive and by invitation only. If you would like to be considered for membership, please send us a note and include the name(s) of the member(s) you know. 

No new members are being considered until July, 2024.

Thanks for submitting!

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